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Automotive Testing Expo

May 24, 2023 |

At this year’s Automotive Testing Expo, Sensing Precision will be proudly showcasing its award-winning PATON™ NVH Leakage Tester range.

The PATON range is designed to make considerable reductions in the time needed to validate the accuracy of the build, generating savings that drive down bottlenecks in design and production associated with NVH leakage testing. This allows new models to be launched earlier and keep pace with evolving technologies. It supports engineers with the power and flexibility to examine build accuracy at all stages from design through to final assembly.PATON 350 Leakage Tester from Sensing Precision

The entire PATON NVH Leakage Tester range are easy to use primary measurement devices. They use conical inlet nozzles to accurately determine the total volume of air passing through the inlet or outlet, which then equates to the total volume of air leakage experienced by the vehicle being tested. All the machines can reach test static pressures of ±2500 Pa and between them, they cover a volume flow range of 0 – 500 l/s.

Make sure to visit Sensing Precision’s team of experts, who will be available to provide visitors with an overview of the company’s high-quality PATON range, along with performing live tests with our PATON 350 NVH Leakage Tester.

This piece was covered in the Automotive Testing Technology International June 2023 issue – Featuring NVH Leakage Testing: click here to view.