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L-Type Pitot Tube

L-Type Pitot Tubes produce a Velocity Pressure signal and are used to determine the accurate measurement of air flow in a closed conduit system.


L-Type Pitot Tubes feature a modified ellipsoidal head with a single forward facing hole (sensing total pressure) and a ring of side holes (sensing static pressure) to determine the accurate measurement of air flow in a closed conduit system, adopting the traverse method. It is only necessary to drill a small access hole for insertion of the probe in the duct (or stack), at the point where the flow measurement is required. The Pitot tube produces a velocity pressure signal, from which velocity can be calculated.

Magnification Factor (M) 0.997 ±0.001 (approximated to 1 in most cases)
Sizes Available Four diameters 2.3mm, 4.0mm, 8.0mm & 9.5mm in lengths from 200mm to 3mm
Temperature Range Ø8.0 & 9.5mm up to 680°C continuously & 800°C intermittently Ø2.3 and 4.0mm up to 550°C
Materials Fully Stainless Steel Construction (Silver Brazed Joints on Ø2.3 and 4.0mm only)
Special Functions Only requires an access hole 35mm, regardless of duct wall thickness Cast head gives more predictable result than a fabricated head.
Static Pressure Tapping doubles as a Direction Pointer
Available with a 90° Bent Head or Fully Straight
Extras Available Integral Thermocouple to allow for simultaneous monitoring of duct air temperature and velocity with minimal disturbance.

– Velocity measurement
– Static pressure measurement
– Volume flow measurement