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PATON 225 Leakage Tester

The PATON 225 Leakage Tester allows engineers to test the leakage performance of a vehicles’ cabin. Designed to test larger vehicles than the PATON 150 whilst maintaining the simple control system and a portable design.



The PATON 225 Leakage Tester allows engineers to test the leakage performance of a vehicles’ cabin. It works by pressurizing, or depressurizing, the vehicles’ cabin to a specified test pressure, and measuring the air volume flow generated to produce a leakage rate, or ‘equivalent body hole size’ (EBHS). The PATON 225, like all our leakage testers, utilises three rapid change (push in – pull out) conical inlet nozzles, making this machine a primary measuring device. These precision machined nozzles, combined with a recently enhanced control POD gives an accuracy of +/-2% of reading.

The PATON 225 Leakage Tester can be used in a manual test mode where the engineer manually controls the fan speed, or it can be used in PID Closed Loop Control mode, and the machine will automatically adjust the fan speed during a test to maintain a set test pressure. Test data can be saved to an SD card and can be streamed over USB connection to a computer. The PATON 225 can generate up to a maximum 225l/s of airflow.



– Lighter & more compact than the PATON 350 & PATON 500
– Uses new improved electronic instrument & software
– Instrument displays static pressure, flow / velocity, fan speed & more
– Option to save data to SD card or stream via USB
– Lighter & more efficient EC fan
– Available in 240V & 110V versions
– Maximum recommended SD Card – 32GB SDHC Class 1

Volume Flow Measurement 1l/s to 225 l/s – Over Nozzle Range
Pressure Measurement Range ± 2500 Pa
Typical Duty Point 130 l/s at 2000Pa
210 l/s at 500 Pa
Pressure Measurement Accuracy ± 0.50% of reading ±1 Pa
Leakage Flow Accuracy ± 2.00% of reading ±1 l/s
Resolution 1Pa
Sensor Damping Automatic
Power 800W
Voltage 240Vac 50/60 Hz (or 110Vac 50/60 Hz available)
Unit Size 39W x 52D x 73H (cm)
Unit Weight 32kg
Carry Case (c/w Accessories) Size 45W x 45D x 55H (cm)

Carry Case (c/w Accessories) Weight 10.5kg
Clip on Trolley Size 38W x 20D x 94H (cm)
Clip on Trolley Weight 6.7kg
Maximum recommended SD Card 32GB SDHC Class 1
Optimum Operational Temp 16 – 24 Celsius
Operational Temperatures 0 – 50 Celsius
Storage Temperatures -10 – 60 Celsius

– Equivalent body hole size testing
– Enclosure testing
– Outlet testing