About us

Why use Sensing Precision?

Energy efficiency does not happen by chance but by design…

At Sensing Precision, we are committed to continual improvement and evolution, to give the high-quality solutions that have a positive impact on society and the environment. We design, engineer and manufacture a wide range of high performing air measurement devices that offer unparalleled levels of accuracy. Our highly-trained business development personnel aim to offer customers the highest level of quality and satisfaction across many applications.

Our team is responsible for delivering solutions to some of the most ambitious of projects in air measurement and offer years of industry leading expertise to the HVAC, Aerospace, Motorsport, Automotive, Offshore and Pharmaceutical industries.

Sensing Precision operates design, production, technical support and calibration services from its Buckinghamshire facility and has a global sales network across UK, Europe, Middle East, North America & Asia.

One Company, One Vision

Ever since the company was founded, accuracy through innovation has been one of the main success factors for Sensing Precision. Focusing exclusively on air measurement is an integral part of the company’s identity and is the basis of our future business success.

As recognition, Sensing Precision has been awarded ISO 9001: 2015 certificate of registration from Exova BM TRADA for its Quality Management System. The certification covers design, manufacture, service, maintenance, calibration, supply & hire of air measurement & monitoring equipment.

Once specified, our aim is to deliver energy efficiencies through all stages of design through to manufacture.

There are many factors that determine the overall efficiency of a building and one of the first amongst them is the accurate measurement of airflow pressure through the ventilation system. At Sensing Precision, we manufacture a wide range of Flowgrids, which are designed to deliver accuracies in air pressure measurement of up to + or – 1%.

As the original manufacturers of the Wilson Flowgrid we pride ourselves on being able to offer a design and construction that is a significant contributor to overall energy efficiency and in independently run tests, our Wilson Flowgrid consistently out performs other options.

More and more consultants are acknowledging the benefits of working with our expert design team and the industry leading knowledge they bring to the most complex of projects. Good examples are recent projects such as Google’s new HQ in London & the Biomedical Laboratories at Imperial College London.

Typically, under identical conditions, the Wilson Flowgrid is 5 times more accurate than many flow measurement devices.

'How long will it take for us to recover the capital invested?' is a question we are frequently asked.

Can you afford not to invest, is our reply?

Our Wilson Flowgrid technology is an investment; designed, engineered and manufactured to work 24/7 and backed our 10-year limited warranty. When installed correctly, we offer a performance guarantee. To ensure reliability, we manufacture with high quality materials designed to operate well within the application requirements.

Use of inferior materials introduces unsatisfactory levels of uncertainty when components operate towards the upper end of their capacity. We take the view that inefficient calculation of air movement results in poor fan control and ultimately poor performance. This can affect the well being of those occupying the building and normally results in uncontrollable running costs.