CIBSE CPD Training now available

Sensing Precision are pleased to announce their new CIBSE approved CPD on ‘Accurate Airflow Measurement as an Energy Saver’ is now available.

The CPD which lasts approximately 45 minutes, is available free of charge and can be held either online or at your premises at a date and time to suit yourselves.

The CPD course is designed to highlight growing importance of accuracy of airflow measurement to help drive building efficiency and indoor air quality, improving the built environment in the Covid age. This is an area that is often overlooked for commercial and knowledge reasons, and the course highlights the most suitable device(s), accompanied by worked example, to achieve optimum accuracy especially for critical applications, and help improve building IAQ for
general occupancy.

The foundation for any good control system should be stable and high-quality raw data, and air measurement is no different: The aim of this presentation is to assist M&E and HVAC Design engineers to make the best possible design decisions to ensure optimum system efficiency and controllability, looking at devices and methodologies used, and their life cycle impact.


• Company overview
• Importance of accurate airflow measurement
• Devices & methodologies used
• Worked example on energy saving
• Q & A

Learning Outcomes:

• Understanding importance of airflow measurement
• Understanding available devices & life cycle impact

Target Audience:

Target audience is Chartered Engineers and their work associates, primarily working in M&E design consultancies, main contractors, end user Property/Facility managers

To find out more, see CIBSE CPD Directory link below:
CIBSE – Directory of CPD Course Providers

If you want to book a CPD, please email or call 01494 363333