Exacta-Boost Turbocharges Indoor Ventilation

Feb 11, 2022 |

Exacta-Boost Launches



Sensing Precision Limited are pleased to announce the launch of the first product from the Exacta range, the Exacta-boost.  The Exacta-boost 200 is available with 200mm inlet/outlet and flowgrid, and is capable of overcoming a 300Pa loss while delivering airflow of 200l/s, or boosting an existing system pressure of 200Pa to deliver up to 450l/s.

Exacta-Boost research and development

Exacta-Boost research and development

The concept was initially developed to overcome additional filter pressure losses from retrofitted filters in primary care facilities that were installed to aid ventilation in the fight against Covid-19.  Where a building may have filters added and the main AHU cannot increase it’s capacity, or the floor balanced, the Exacta-boost can be inserted to guarantee a flow rate to the branch and overcome the additional losses.  It can also be used to guarantee flow to dead spots following reconfiguration of a building (or change of use) to help improve the performance of the main AHU by reducing the overall system pressure the AHU sees. E.g. providing flow to a meeting room which cannot be balanced without disrupting the HVAC system to other parts of the floor/building.

The control system comprises Sensing Precision’s ECO-Radial Flowgrid and DPTx Pressure Transmitter, which in this instance runs the tried and tested PID control algorithm  from our popular ALF150 Ductwork Leakage tester.  This allows closed loop control of  Efficient Brushless DC Centrifugal Fan(s) to hold the desired flow rate.  This control point (in flow units or number of occupants) can be set on the instrument or remotely over ModBus (flow only) and will be held within a few percent of target volume flow.  This control accuracy can be enhanced further by requesting the unit with a Wilson Radial Flowgrid.

The systems can be sized to suit applications in terms of standard duct spigot, number of fans and Flowgrid diameter in order to simultaneously maximise the accuracy and minimise the power consumption of this measuring and control system.

If you have an application you believe could benefit from this closed loop high accuracy flow control and measuring system please contact sales@sensing-precision.com with details of your request


Different duct configurations to ease installation along with optional finishes available on request.