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DPTx Pressure Transmitter

The DPTx is equipped with industry standard 4-20mA and 0-10V outputs, as well as RS485 MODBUS. With an LCD Display fitted as standard, and a menu driven graphical user interface, the DPTx installation and commissioning process is quick & easy.



The DPTx Pressure Transmitter from Sensing Precision is ideal for the monitoring and management of ventilation systems and is the perfect compliment to the high end Wilson Flowgrids or Eco-Radial Flowgrids. There are two standard models, the DPTx-250, (±250Pa), and the DPTx-500, (±500Pa). With three special models, DPTx-1250, (±1250Pa), DPTx-2500, (±2500Pa), DPTx-5000, (±5000Pa). Please contact us for more information on the special models.

All DPTx’s are equipped with industry standard 4-20mA and 0-10V outputs. Each output can be scaled against either pressure, velocity or flowrate, with a configurable range setting for each output.

What sets the DPTx apart from most other transmitters is the LCD Display which is fitted as standard, and the menu driven graphical user interface, which makes installation and commissioning easy and straightforward.

The DPTx range of pressure transmitters also offer a RS485 MODBUS interface, with a limited subset of instructions, that can be utilized to interface the transmitter to a BMS controller.

Industry Standard Transmitter Outputs
– 4-20mA
– 0-10V
– Outputs can be scaled independently to application requirements, against Pressure, Velocity or Volume Flow

BMS Interface

Units of Measure
– Pa, “Wg
– m/s, fpm
– l/s, m³/s, m³/h, cfm

Available Pressure Ranges
– ±250 Pa (DPTx-250)
– ±500 Pa (DPTx-500)
– ±1250 Pa (DPTx-1250)
– ±2500 Pa (DPTx-2500)
– ±5000 Pa (DPTx-5000)
– Auto Zeroing Solenoid Available On All Units

Features of the DPTx Pressure Transmitter
– LCD Display as standard
– Graphical user interface
– Easy to use Menu-Driven operation

– Can be upgraded with the addition of auto-zeroing solenoid and / or Barometer
– Can be calibrated to a specific pressure range upon request (within operating range)

Outputs       0-10V
BMS Interface       RS485 MODBUS RTU
Measurement Range       DPTx-250 ±250 Pa
      DPTx-500 ±500 Pa
      DPTx-1250 ±1250 Pa
      DPTx-2500 ±2500 Pa
      DPTx-5000 ±5000 Pa
Accuracy       DPTx-250 ±1% of Reading ±0.25 Pa
      ±0.25% of Reading ±0.25 Pa w/ AZ
      DPTx-500 ±1% of Reading ±0.5 Pa
      ±0.25% of Reading ±0.5 Pa w/ AZ
      DPTx-1250 ±1% of Reading ±0.5 Pa
      ±0.25% of Reading ±0.5 Pa w/ AZ
      DPTx-2500 ±1% of Reading ±1 Pa
      ±0.25% of Reading ±1 Pa w/ AZ
      DPTx-5000 ±1% of Reading ±1 Pa
      ±0.25% of Reading ±1 Pa w/ AZ
Sensor Damping       0.5s – 32s
Power (Max)       1.7W
Power Supply       +24V ac /dc (User Configurable)
Max Current
Output Resistance
Min Voltage
Output Resistance
Unit Size       160mm x 113mm x 60mm
Unit Weight       360g
Included Accessories       Calibration Certificate
      PVC Pressure Tubing
      User Guide

– In duct Pressure, Velocity & Volume Flow Monitoring
– BMS Control System Integration