Prestigious London University Installs Wilson Flowgrids

Posted: Oct 1, 2017

Project: Imperial College London

Location: London, United Kingdom

Product: Fully welded chemical resistant Wilson Flowgrids in-duct with flow straightener

Quantity: 47

Sensing Precision were recently commissioned by the prestigious Imperial College London University Campus. Our engineers were able to provide their expertise to help in the effort of redesigning the campus’ HVAC systems.

We were then able to manufacture and deliver 47 fully welded & chemical resistant, large standalone Wilson Flowgrids with flow straightening devices, for the Molecular Sciences Research Hub. The thin cell walls of the honeycomb flow straighteners provide an array of straight passageways which reduce turbulence while minimising pressure drop. Yet, by also utilising special material and construction methods, they were able to to maintain the same chemical resistance and temperature range as the special Wilson Flowgrids.

The Molecular Sciences Research Hub will accommodate all of Imperial College Londons’ chemistry research and postgraduate training, with space for the department to grow to one of the largest of its kind in the world. The research carried out will span across a wide range of modern molecular science.