Google HQ Installs Wilson Flowgrids

Posted: Jan 6, 2017

Project: Google HQ St Pancreas London

Location: London, United Kingdom

Product: Wilson Flowgrid

Quantity: 22

Sensing Precision recently provided 22 Wilson Flowgrids for the global search engine giant, Google, at its London HQ in St Pancreas. The project was completed in several stages from 2016 to 2017 and the majority of the Wilson Flowgrids were installed with accompanying flow straightener cartridges.

Google becomes Sensing Precisions largest and possibly their most recognisable customer. Google are known for their creative interior office space designs, which help workers become more creative, more productive and less stressed. Key to achieving this goal is a healthy work environment provided by the buildings HVAC system, which our world leading Wilson Flowgrids will help to deliver for years to come.