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Wilson Flowgrid Receives Much Anticipated Upgrade

May 19, 2019 |

The industry-renowned Wilson Flowgrid (WFG) has been modified for the first time since it was originally designed over 50 years ago by Connor Wilson.

The WFG has been coupled with Sensing Precision’s new DPTx pressure transmitter to produce an instrument with flow measurement accuracy usually associated with clean rooms and data centres. In general HVAC applications, it will greatly improve the effectiveness of building management systems and enhancing energy efficiency.

Manufactured in the UK and fitted in thousands of buildings around the globe, the Wilson Flowgrid has been coupled with the new DPTx Pressure Transmitter, which has also been developed in-house by Sensing Precision’s own R&D team and is also manufactured at the company’s Buckinghamshire base.

The new pressure transmitter is a fully featured instrument equipped with the industry standard 4-20mA current output and 0-10V voltage output, which can be scaled independently against Pressure, Velocity or Flowrate, or scaled against the same measurement. Each output range can also be scaled independently of the other, even if on the same measurement, which provides incredible flexibility. The range also features MODBUS over RS485 as standard for BMS integration. An LCD display id fitted to the transmitter as standard which, coupled with a graphical menu driven interface, ensures ease of installation and commission.

Andrew Hamshere, managing director of Sensing Precision, said: “Using our new pressure transmitter in the Wilson Flowgrid will greatly enhance the product range. The Wilson Flowgrid provides industry-leading levels of uncertainty to ±2% compared to other systems using alternative methods which can increase levels of uncertainty to ±20%.”

Read our article in the Building Services & Environmental Engineer magazine, March issue 2020 about the upgrade of the Wilson Flowgrid.