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Eco Up/Down Probe range launches

Jun 6, 2023 |

Sensing Precision has launched its new range of Eco Up/Down (U/D) Probes. The Eco U/D Probe is a single probe for use as an economic way to monitor or measure airflow within HVAC ductwork systems.

The Eco U/D Probes are a single piece product allowing them to be installed with ease, along with the benefit of a directional tab for hole location. They can be fitted to rectangular, square, or circular ducts, with a range of sizes from 100mm to 600mm.

The probes consist of a single precision machined aluminium extrusion, mounted through the cross section of the duct. They are easy to install and maintain. One set of pressure sensing holes face upstream and the other set downstream. Unlike other similar devices on the market, these holes are spaced logarithmically which allows for maximum accuracy. The signal generated is an average signal for both the total and sub-static pressures. These signals in turn generate an enhanced “magnified” differential pressure signal that directly relates to the air volume flow within the duct.

The Eco UD Probes are ideal for secondary and some primary volume flow control systems, especially where VAV or DCV systems are in use. It is also possible to attach multiple probes for added accuracy.

The probes can be used in commercial, leisure, education and retail premises. Added measurement accuracy will assist in making your system more efficient, reducing your energy bills and CO2 emissions. They will help in the drive towards net zero and carbon neutrality.

As a result of this new product range, Sensing Precision’s existing range Eco Flow Probes will be discontinued.

If you have a project, you believe could benefit from this simple, yet effective product please contact us with details of the potential application.