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Sensing Precision Launch the DPTx Pressure Transmitter

Jan 30, 2018 |

Sensing Precision has launched a new pressure transmitter range which will bring accuracy usually associated with clean rooms and data centres to general HVAC applications.

Developed in-house by Sensing Precision’s own R&D team using experience gained from the automotive industry, the new DPTx can greatly improve the effectiveness of building management

systems and enhance energy efficiency.

Sensing Precision has applied experience gained from developing specialist NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) equipment for use by leading motor manufacturers to test cabin air-tightness of leading cars, in particular hybrid or all-electric models where noise levels become important.

Manufactured in the UK, the DPTx Pressure Transmitter is a fully featured instrument capable of measuring in duct static pressure, velocity and flowrates. It is equipped with the industry standard 4-20mA current output and 0-10V voltage output, which can be scaled independently against Pressure, Velocity or Flowrate, or scaled against the same measurement. Each output range can also be scaled independently of the other, even if on the same measurement, which provides incredible flexibility when it comes to using the DPTx to monitor HVAC systems. The DPTx range also features MODBUS over RS485 as standard for BMS integration.

The range is fitted with an LCD display as standard which, coupled with a graphical menu driven interface, ensures that the DPTx is quick and easy to install and commission.

“The DPTx is the perfect complement to our range of Wilson Flow Grids and Eco-Radial Flowgrids

,” said Andrew Hamshere, Sensing Precision’s operations director.  “They also enable engineers to replace old or faulty transmitters with a powerful new drop-in replacement.”

Visit the DPTx product page here to get a full product description and specification of this fully featured pressure transmitter.