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Sensing Precision Join Made in Britain

May 16, 2022 |


Sensing Precision join Made in Britain. The Buckinghamshire-based company has a British manufacturing heritage which stretches back over 50 years.

It continues to develop, engineer, and manufacture the original Wilson Flowgrid that is used globally in HVAC systems. Sensing Precision are committed to the continuous improvement and evolution of their business, and to providing a wide range of high performing air measurement devices for their customers.

A spokesperson from Sensing Precision, said: “The team at Sensing Precision are proud of our British manufacturing heritage, and being a part of a fast growing organisation with likeminded companies is very exciting.”

Ever since the company was founded, accuracy through innovation has been one of the main success factors for Sensing Precision. Focusing exclusively on air measurement is an integral part of the company’s identity and is the basis of our future business success. Sensing Precision operates design, production, technical support, and calibration services from its Buckinghamshire facility.