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Sensing Precision Ready to Take the Strain as World Returns to Work

May 19, 2020 |

In the next couple of months, as the world starts to return to work , projects that have been postponed in the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak will start coming back online. This may mean that contractors and engineers find themselves under pressure to try and recover some of that lost time. It is crucial therefore that supply is able to meet demand when it comes to HVAC commissioning and project specification. Sensing Precision have quietly been working to ensure that it is able to react quickly to meet the requirements of its customers over the coming weeks and months.

Social Distancing At Work

Social distancing at work the ‘new normal’?

As a consequence of the Covid-19 outbreak, social distancing has now become a ‘new normal’ for the foreseeable future. And so commissioning engineers need to be able to work safely while on site. This is where the ALF 150 duct leakage tester becomes the ideal solution for duct-work commissioning. Designed to allow engineers to test ductwork to either, DW/143, EN1507, EN12237 or SMACNA standards, it’s light weight and single person setup & grants teams of engineers the ability to work together while maintaining a safe distance from one another. To help reduce the time required to complete the commissioning process and allow engineers to catch up on some of that lost time, multiple ALF 150 units could be utilized to test different sections of same duct network.

Accuracy Above All

There has always been a need for accurately calibrated instrumentation in the HVAC and air measurement industry. A “that’ll do” or “that’s close enough” approach has often led to system failure down line and a costly redesign. In a post Covid-19 world, that sort of approach to commissioning and monitoring will not be sufficient, especially when it comes to health and safety. Sensing Precision are able to calibrate and service a wide range of pressure, velocity and flow measuring devices with its suite of sophisticated calibration equipment as well as offer suitable products and solutions to enable engineers to make the precise measurements required.

Meeting Design Specifications

In the aftermath of Covid-19, health and safety will be at the forefront of many developers minds when it comes HVAC system specification. As leading air measurement specialists, Sensing Precision are ideally placed to help M&E consultants meet the health & safety and energy efficiency requirements demanded for new, as well as, existing buildings.  With more than six decades of success, Sensing Precisions’ Wilson Flowgrid is still the most accurate (±1.0% uncertainty of measurement can be achieved), solution on the market for in duct velocity measurement systems. The Wilson Flowgrid is also one of the most versatile solutions available as they can be designed and manufactured for use within specialist high temperature, Pharmaceutical, Petro-Chem and Food Processing environments.

Changed For Good?

Moving forward, the world will be a different place. And many of these changes to the modern way of life could become the ‘new normal’ permanently. Over the last few decades, the way M&E consultants think about health and safety and energy efficiency vs the bottom line, when it comes to HVAC, has been changing for the better. The scales have been nudged even further in the direction of the former.

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