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New Range of Compact Handheld Multi-Function Meters Enter the HVAC Market

Feb 24, 2020 |

A new range of competitively priced, high accuracy, handheld measuring instruments has been launched by Sensing Precision for the HVAC commissioning industry.

The Compact Air Meter (CAM) range includes four standalone handheld instruments: two differential pressure instruments DP02 (0-±500Pa) and the DP10 (0-±2500Pa) and two ambient conditions instruments. The BP32: Barometer and Thermohygrometer and the TH60: A standalone Thermohygrometer (Temperature and Humidity).

“These compact high accuracy handheld instruments are an exciting new addition to our range,” said Andrew Hamshere, managing director. “They will fill a gap in the market for portable accurate handheld meters for engineers to carry out reliable measurements.”

Each of the CAM instruments is supplied with UKAS traceable calibration and a complementary clam shell protective case. Each can operate on a single 9V PP3 battery for over 50 hours or can be powered directly from the USB port. Each instrument is equipped with a memory chip for high volume data logging and data logs can be read direct to the LCD and output via the USB with the use of serial terminal program such as PuTTY.

Further information about the four CAM models can be found on the Sensing Precision website. The CAM range starts from £325 and can be ordered by calling Sensing Precision on 01494 363 333 or via the internet at various distributors including www.aircal.co.uk.

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