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Golden Anniversary for the Wilson Flowgrid

Dec 5, 2017 |

Sensing Precision is pleased to announce that the Wilson Flow Grid will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2018. The iconic air flow measurement device has been installed in tens of thousands of buildings throughout the UK, and across the globe.

Originally designed in 1968 by Connor Wilson, the Wilson Flow Grid (WFG) is still manufactured to customers exact specifications at our Buckinghamshire factory and shipped to projects all over the world.

“The fact that the design has endured for 50 years largely unchanged is a clear testament to the quality of the original WFG design,” said Andrew Hamshere, Sensing Precision’s operations director.

The increasing focus on climate change, energy saving and sustainability means building owners and systems designers need to find more efficient and effective building services. Our systems offer fully integrated air measurement devices that provide industry leading levels of uncertainty to ±2%.

More and more clients are conscious of climate change and have been significantly reducing energy consumption and carbon waste by implementing our systems, and at the same time enjoying the added financial benefits. Other systems using less efficient measurement, are costing their owners and the world, dear.

A standard 150mm radial WFG will take positive and negative readings from 36 specially located points within its unique design. Alternative methods can rely on 12 points or less, which can increase levels of uncertainty to ±20%. The vagueness delivered by such means of measurement lead to poor system control and have a massive impact on a building’s running costs.

We manufacture bespoke large systems up to 3m square for specials or one-off research applications. The majority of WFGs we produce are smaller, for installation in ductwork to monitor air flow in more traditional applications. Our market is evolving and we are processing more enquiries for specialised applications where airflow is crucial, such as in hospitals or pharmaceutical applications, and other sensitive environments.