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First AutoTesting Expo Deemed Successful.

Jun 7, 2018 |

In Sensing Precision Limited’s first venture to an automotive trade show as an exhibitor, the overall reaction to the AutoTesting Expo in Stuttgart has been a very positive one. Considered a niche market to Sensing Precision in the past, the automotive industry is one of the fastest growing market sectors for Sensing Precision. Our range of NVH leakage testers, the PATON range and its predecessor, the CLT, are no longer being used by just ‘Premium’ car manufactures, but they are now also being used by mass market car manufacturers in an attempt to help them reach the levels of build quality, performance and efficiency demanded by ever more discerning consumers.

Sensing Precision are established as Air Measurement Specialists in the HVAC industry and have operated mainly in that market sector since the 1960’s. As we move further in to the 21st century though, our technical expertise continued development of new and highly accurate test equipment has opened up new and exciting markets to us.