Duct-leakage Testing

Dec 4, 2014 |

This ductwork leakage tester for the HVAC market can test ductwork in accordance with DW/143 and DW/144 for pressure classes A to D. Called Air Leakage Finder 150 (ALF150) it has been developed by Sensing Precision (formerly Airflow S P).

ALF150 can develop static pressure from -2500 to +2500 Pa and flow rates from 1 to 150 l/s — giving around 140 l/s for Class A and up to 70 l/s for Class C/D tests.

Supplied with three easy-to-change conical inlet nozzles with diameters of 15, 35 and 65 mm. the equipment is designed in accordance with ISO 5801:2007 to give an accurate flow reading from a primary device.

The instrument supplied with ALF150 has been specifically designed for the task and tailored to control the fan speed while displaying leakage rate and static pressure. Ease of use has been maintained, along with a retro feel to provide a simple upgrade path form the ubiquitous duct-leakage testers of the past, which used multiple conical outlets and are seen as the mainstay in the sector for the last few decades.

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