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Colin Paton Named Person of the Year

Nov 22, 2018 |

Colin Paton, one of our longest serving Design Engineers, recently won the Automotive Testing Technology Internationals’ ‘Person of the Year’ award for his lead role in designing the PATON 1000 NVH Leakage Tester. When asked about his award win, Colin said;

I am proud to be at the forefront of vehicular air leakage testing on behalf of Sensing Precision Ltd and have always been pleased to supply to ever changing test requirements. Specification requirements for PATON 1000 set a lot of challenges. It pulled in years of company expertise, incorporating our bespoke interchangeable nozzle arrangement which is key to all the test machines, but also introduced software enabling temperature and barometric pressure compensation. All of this is now filtering down through the PATON 150 and 350 machines. The Cab Leakage Tester range offered to the NVH world carries my name and I am delighted to receive the award on behalf of the whole team that supported and helped in its development. So thank you to all those involved. Remember to watch this space for future developments within the Paton line-up supporting NVH testing.”

Colin has been at the forefront of NVH Leakage Tester development at Sensing Precision Limited for over 20 years. His work has been so crucial to the development of the key technologies that it was only fitting that Sensing Precision named the entire NVH Leakage Tester range after Colin in recognition of his hard work and dedication. Hence in 2018, our range of NVH Leakage Testers were rebranded as “PATON NVH Leakage Testers”.

You can see Colin in this months’ edition of the Automotive Testing Technology International Magazine.