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Exacta-Boost: giving you confidence and peace of mind that correct levels of ventilation and clean air are being provided to you, your occupants, and your visitors!



Sensing Precision Limited are pleased to release the first product from our Exacta range, the Exacta-Boost – A new concept designed to overcome greater requirements on buildings to minimise future risk of viral infections, not only with increased levels of ventilation, but also the ability to demonstrate system accuracy and performance.

Where a building may have had upgraded filters added for covid19 prevention purposes and the main ventilation source such as an air handling unit cannot increase its capacity or keep the flow rates balanced across the building/floor, the Exacta-Boost can be installed and commissioned to guarantee the required flow rate to the branch duct(s) and overcome the additional pressure losses the revised or upgraded system generates. It can also be used to ensure airflow to dead spots that may occur in a space following reconfiguration or change of use of a building, helping to improve the performance of the main AHU by reducing the overall system pressure the AHU sees.

The Exacta-Boost system can be sized to suit applications in terms of standard duct spigots, number of fans and Flowgrid diameter in order to simultaneously maximise the accuracy and minimise the power consumption of the ventilation, measurement and control system.

The Exacta-Boost 200 is available with 200mm inlet/outlet and flowgrid, and is capable of overcoming a 300Pa loss while delivering airflow of 200l/s, or boosting an existing system pressure of 200Pa to deliver up to 450l/s.

– Typical Sound Pressure Level: 40-55 dBA at 3-7.5V control range.
– Max power Consumption: 400W at 230V 1ph AC.
– Final size and weight subject to modules selected.
– Unit requires to be mounted and suspended from the ceiling.

Other size Exacta-boost systems can be built to order with smaller/larger ducts sizes and fans of various sizes. Please enquire if your flow rate is outside the blue or significantly below grey voltage control lines, seen on the performance curve.

The control system comprises Sensing Precision’s Eco-Radial Flowgrid and DPTx Pressure Transmitter, which in this instance runs the tried and tested PID control algorithm. This control accuracy can be enhanced further by requesting the unit with a Wilson Radial Flowgrid.

– Conference rooms
– Lecture theatres
– Primary care facilities
– Assisted living communal areas
– Partitionable office space